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Installing a client on your Apple Mac is easy. If you follow these few steps, nothing can go wrong.

1.Head over to the sofware download section on and click the "OS X ..." text under the MAC heading. 



2. After the download has finished, please install the .pkg file. You may have to enter your account or administrative password.



TODO: Client configuration with screenshots




5. That's it, you have completed the configuration. You may control your epiKshare account from the epiKshare application at any time. To sync your files with epiKshare, simply save them to one of the directories you chose to sync with your epiKshare account.

If you encounter any problems or if you need assistance with setting your sync client up, please don't hesitate to contact your epiKshare administrator or the epiKshare support. We'll be pleased to assist you.



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