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Installing a client on your Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 8.1 or 10) computer is easy. If you follow these few steps, nothing can go wrong.

1.Open the setup file you previously downloaded from If there's a notification for elevated user rights, please click (Yes).


2. Choose the components you want to install (or click Next for the default setup):

3. Select the path where the epiKshare client software should be installed to (usually, there's no need to make any changes here):

4. Watch the installation (smile)

5. Click Next when it's complete and mark the "Run epiKshare" checkbox if it's unchecked.


That's it. You're almost all set. When you first open epiKshare, you will be asked for some configuration details. Don't worry, you're just another 5 steps away from your goal. Here's how to get there:

1.Enter your epiKshare Server's connection data (may be obtained from your administrator)

2. Then have your username and password ready:

3. Choose the folders to be synced:

4. Open epiKshare or your local epiKshare folder to get started with syncing, sharing and managing your data.

5. That's it, you have completed the configuration. You may control your epiKshare account from the systray icon at any time. If the icon not visible there, please click the small arrow to extend the tray icon menu. To ensure the icon is always in your sight, right-click into the notification area and adjust your notification area settings so that the epiKshare icon is always shown in the notification area.

If you encounter any problems or if you need assistance with setting your sync client up, please don't hesitate to contact your epiKshare administrator or the epiKshare support.

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