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Installing a client on your Android mobile phone or tablet is easy. If you follow these few steps, nothing can go wrong.

1.Open the Google Play Store from the application menu of your device and search for "epiKshare". If you're viewing this page from the mobile phone or tablet computer you want to use with epiKshare, just click here. 

Android permissions

The epiKshare app requests the access to your identity to store your epiKshare account infos. We won't collect other account information stored on your device, unless you wish us to do so.

Other than that, the epiKshare app needs access to your Photos, Media and Files. This is a generous permission to use the file system of your phone - the app needs it to upload your files and to create the local versions of your synced epiKshare content.

2. The first step after the installation is to open the freshly installed epiKshare app. You can either do this from the Play Store or your device's application menu. You will now be prompted for your user credentials:

Getting access to epiKshare

If you need an account for an epiKshare instance, please contact your organization's administrator, the epiKshare team, or one of our partners near you. We'll be happy to have you!


3. Now that you're logged in, you can see the contents of your epiKshare home folder:

Basically, you're all set now. You can upload your files to your epiKshare folders, manage your data, share your files. But to get out the most comfort for yourself, you may want to do this one further step:


4. Tap the menu button on the top left of the screen and go to "Settings". Under your account info, you will find the following there:

  • Passcode lock: If you activate this, your device will always prompt you for a four-digit passcode every time you open epiKshare.
  • Instant picture and video uploads: This option will upload any new images and/or videos to epiKshare right after you capture them. Activating these options can be extremely useful to save yourself from data loss if you lose your phone or tablet computer!


5. That's it, you have completed the configuration. You may control your epiKshare account from the epiKshare application at any time. To sync your files with epiKshare, simply save them to one of the directories you chose to sync with your epiKshare account.


If you encounter any problems or if you need assistance with setting your sync client up, please don't hesitate to contact your epiKshare administrator or the epiKshare support.

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