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Installing a client on your Apple iOS device is easy. If you follow these few steps, nothing can go wrong.

1.Open the App Store and search for "epiKshare". If you're viewing this page from the iPhone or iPad you want to use with epiKshare, just click here. 


2. Download and install the app.


3. A new epiKshare icon will appear on your iPhone/iPad. Tap it now to open epiKshare.

4. Enter your credentials and server data. You may have to ask your company's administrator if you're not sure what to enter here.



Getting access to epiKshare

If you need an account for an epiKshare instance, please contact your organization's administrator, the epiKshare team, or one of our partners near you. We'll be happy to have you!


5. That's it, you have completed the configuration. You may control your epiKshare account from the epiKshare application at any time. To sync your files with epiKshare, simply go to the epiKshare app and upload them to a folder of your choice.


If you encounter any problems or if you need assistance with setting your sync client up, please don't hesitate to contact your epiKshare administrator or the epiKshare support. By the way - if you are waiting for a file from another device to appear, swipe down in the folder overview until the circle is complete:

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