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Whenever you want to deploy, configure or manage epiKshare as an adminiistrator, this is the point to get started from. You may browse the subpages to get important and interesting information on how to best store your information and share it with others.




At first, welcome again to epiKshare. We're glad to have you. epiKshare will surely soon become your favourite solution for collecting, managing and sharing your data. To get this done, this documentation helps you start off fast and simple next to enabling you to maximize your comfort in your epiKshare installation. But before you take the deep dive, let's get started with an overview:


If something goes wrong - your way to support

We don't leave our users behind. If you are struggling to install or configure your epiKshare client installation, please contact the epiKshare support and we'll help you get started.

Our business hours for Americas and the US:

Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm

Phone: +1 866.675.3745 or +1 866.675.EPIK


Business hours for Europe and other regions:

Monday - Friday

8:00 – 17:00 Uhr

Tel.: +49 (0) 6205 310 5500