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  1. Open the Admin Settings and visit thesection. Enter your license key in the provided text area:


    For trial purposes e2ee includes a valid license for localhost. If you want to try it out on a real environment you can request a demo license by providing your owncloud url (before the index.php)

  2. Select, which key storages will be available for your users. You may provide different settings for ownCloud and guest users.
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    If you provide more than one key storage options, users have to set up their key storage in their personal settings prior to being able to read and save encrypted files. This must be communicated in advance to avoid any confusion.

  3. By default all users are enabled to use the E2ee app. If you want to restrict usage to specific groups only, you may set them in the Authorized Groups section. If you provide one or more groups here, only members of those groups may set a folder as E2ee encrypted. Click the apply button, when you are done.

  4. If you have the Guests app installed, make sure e2eeshare is added to the app whitelist. The Guests app is found in thesection.