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Select, which key storages will be available for your users. You may provide different settings for ownCloud and guest users.

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If you provide more than one key storage options, users must set up their key storage in their personal settings prior to being able to read and save encrypted files. This must be communicated in advance to avoid any confusion.


There is a clear trade-off between security and usability, depending on which option you want:

Local StorageUser's Computer/DeviceThe private key is stored in the browser local storage (similar to a cookie)(star)(star)(star)
External Key Server/SmartcardThe private key is available through an external process running on the client machine. Then the browser can only request decryption.
You have to install an extra Key Server on your machine, which is able to both recognize provided key files or Smart Cards (currently Windows only).
The key is never saved in the browser.
AskManual Input for each downloadWhen downloading an E2EE file, the private key has to be copy/pasted into a browser form. The key is never saved in the browser.(star)
Download Local decryption, download onlyThe E2EE file is downloaded locally and a secondary tool is required to decrypt (E2EE Reader).
The E2EE Reader supports both file and Smart Card decryption (currently Windows only).
The key is never saved in the browser.


Code Block
sudo -u www-data php occ e2eeshare:adddelete-key <user> <key id>