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  • Microsoft Windows Operating System


  • : Win 7, Win 8.0, Win 8.1, Win 10, Win 11 (experimental), Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019
  • Microsoft Outlook 32/64 Bit and 64 Bit: 2010 (deprecated), 2013





Where To Buy

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Manuall Installation:

Start the Outlook-AddIn .exe or .msi with an administrative account and follow the installation instructions

After the Installation restart your Outlook 

MSI Installation:

Silent Installation: msiexec /qb /i "Outlook-AddIn.msi" SSO=true BASEURL="https://ownCloud.server.url" LICENSE="60513330-2a270eba-7772d5ae250eb6e12c9db3d5108e306ba82f0f13"

After Installation:

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  • Open Settings

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  • Enter the https:// Address of your ownCloud/epiKshare Server + Username + Password
  • Click "Connect"

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  • To install a valid license or activate a demo license click OK

Install Demo- or User License

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  • Insert a valid license key or activate a "Demo Key" 

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  • Click "Next"

Connect to your ownCloud/epiKshare Server

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  • When you receive the Message: "Connection Failed"
    • Test your credentials
    • Check if your ownCloud/epiKshare Server is avaiable from this particular Computer
    • Check if your Computer has a working Internet connection

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  • When the initial connection was successful you should see the green Message "Connection Successful"
  • Restart your Microsoft Outlook

Default configuration "Settings" of the Outlook- Add-In

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  • Server: Enter a valid ownCloud/epiKshare Server Ardesss
  • Add-In: Change the Add-In's Language
  • Share Setting:
    • Send password via separate email. When you share a file or folder, a separate E-Mail with a Password will be created in the background and sent automatically after creation
      • !!Attention!! This option only works when the receipients E-Mail Address is a known contact or saved in you Address Book.
    • Send password with email. 
      • This option will send the file or folders passwort within the same email
    • Generate Password: When this option is enabled, a strong password will be created automatically 
    • Shared Until: The Share will be available for this number of days by default
    • Mail Language: A pre-written text is inserted into the E-MAIL in the selected language.



  • License type: Enterprise or Standard, Annual license per named user
Edit default Sharesettings(Haken)


E2EE Encryption(Haken)(Haken)
E2EE Decryption(Haken)(error)
MSI installer inkl. rollout support(Haken)(Haken)
Link to File(Haken)(Haken)
Share remote file/folder(Haken)(Haken)
Share with Read/Write(Haken)(Haken)
Complete Client incl. Download(Haken)(tick)
Open File Directly(tick)(tick)
Folder Download(tick)(error)
Folder Subscription incl. Notification(Haken)(tick)
E2ee Card Reader Support(Haken)(error)




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