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  1. To share E2EE encrypted files via Microsoft Outlook, you have to install and license the E2EE App on the ownCloud Server and install a enterprise Outlook Add-In license

  2. Import/create a new key
    1. In case you already created a private E2EE key in your browser use the "Load" function. If you don't have a key "Generate" a new one
    2. Save and close
  3. Create a new E-Mail - Select "Link to file" and select the desired file
  4. In the dialog box switch to "Use End to End Encryption" and finish the configuration "Done"

  5. The E-Mail receiver will obtain a invitation E-Mail
    1. "Receiver" Click on the Link and enter a password
      1. While you enter the password we create a public private key pair and the public key is uploaded to the ownCloud server. The private key is stored in the browser memory.
      2. Important! Download your private key and deposit it in a secure place
      3. After a successful account creation you will see the following message 
      4. You can login now "User name is the receivers E-mail Address" and check whether a folder is shared with you
      5. Important!  You will not see the shred and End to End encrypted file immediately - It will take about 5 minutes after the first verification process. You can check with the refresh function for new  files
      6. The first time you try to download the file, you will be prompted to select the correct keystore.
      7. Select Ja/YES
      8. Switch to Lokaler Speicher/locale storage
      9. Open the file view and download the encrypted file
      10. The file will be decrypted via the download process (file.exe.e2ee - file.exe)
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