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Manuall Installation

  • Download the Outlook Add-In
  • With outlook closed, install with an adminstrative account and follow the installation instructions
  • Go to the Add-In Tab and open the settings to setup the host name and user credentials of the cloud server
  • After the Installation restart your Outlook 

Silent/Automated MSI Installation

Using the silent installation you can install the outlook add-in with most settings already pre-setup for the client.

Installation requirements

You can use following command line options:

msiexec /qb /i "Outlook-Addin-VERSION.msi" BASEURL= LICENSE="this is a license" PROXY="http://proxy.internal:8080" PROXYUSER="companyuser" PROXYPASS="pass" USER="login-username"


  • BASEURL="..." Set the Base URL to connect to the cloud server
  • LICENSE="..." Set the license String.
  • PROXY="[None|System|...]"
    • System(default): Use system proxy
    • None: Force No Proxy
    • url: url of a custom proxy
  • PROXYUSER="" user when using a proxy
  • PROXYPASS="" password when using a proxy
  • USER="" the login username
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