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Table of Contents

Initial Setup

  • Open Setting
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For the initial setup find the "Settings" button in the "ownCloud" tab. This will open the Connection Wizard

Connection Wizard

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Enter the address



  • Choose your Authentication
  • Click "Next
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to your owncloud server. Make sure to put the whole url to the "login" page (except the login or index.php bit).

  • User Proxy: Check this if you have a proxy to reach the internet. You will have to configure this at a later stage
  • Trust Invalid SSL Certificate: If you run your owncloud using a self signed certificate, make sure this is checked


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Make sure to select the right authentication method for your ownCloud server:

  • Username/Password: default authentication using your owncloud username/password
  • Windows authentication: Single sign on using your windows Account (Enterprise only)
  • OAuth authentication: If OAuth is enabled on your ownCloud (this will open a oAuth Login window)
  • Password with cookie: Same as Username/Password, but use the classical login flow

You can use compatibility mode if you have problems using login because. This adds some workarounds for older or non-standard ownCloud installations.


  • Enter your User Name and your Password
  • Click "Done"
  • After the message "Connection Successful" click "Cancel" and restart your Outlook


You can adjust all Templates that are used when sending a mail. A preview will be generated to show how the placeholders are used.