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Initial Setup

For the initial setup find the "Settings" button in the "ownCloud" tab. This will open the Connection Wizard

Connection Wizard

Enter the address to your owncloud server. Make sure to put the whole url to the "login" page (except the login or index.php bit).

  • User Proxy: Check this if you have a proxy to reach the internet. You will have to configure this at a later stage
  • Trust Invalid SSL Certificate: If you run your owncloud using a self signed certificate, make sure this is checked


Make sure to select the right authentication method for your ownCloud server:

  • Username/Password: default authentication using your owncloud username/password
  • Windows authentication: Single sign on using your windows Account (Enterprise only)
  • OAuth authentication: If OAuth is enabled on your ownCloud (this will open a oAuth Login window)
  • Password with cookie: Same as Username/Password, but use the classical login flow

You can use compatibility mode if you have problems using login because. This adds some workarounds for older or non-standard ownCloud installations.


  • Enter your User Name and your Password
  • Click "Done"
  • After the message "Connection Successful" click "Cancel" and restart your Outlook



If you use a proxy with username and password, select Proxy -> Custom

  • After a successful connection test, your license is being verified and if it fails you will be sent to the License Dialog
  • To install a valid license or activate a demo license click OK

License Setup

  • Insert a valid license key or activate a "Demo Key" 


  • Request your free 30Days Trial License
  • Click "Get Trial License"


I am receiving the Message "Connection Failed"

This means that we cannot connect to the cloud server.

  • Check your internet connection (try connecting to the cloud server using your web browser)
  • Test your credentials
  • Make sure you entered the correct proxy settings

  • When the initial connection was successful you should see the green message "Connection Successful"
  • Restart your Microsoft Outlook

Share Settings


  • Use Password for shared file/Folder
    • Send password via separate email: When you share a file or folder, a separate E-Mail with a Password will be created in the background and sent automatically after creation
    • Send password with email:This option will send the file or folders passwort within the same email
    • Send password to sender: Send the password to the sender (=you)
    • Send password to sender and recipient: Creates 2 E-Mails containing the password. One for the sender (=you) and the recipient
    • No automatic Password sending: This Option use a password, but it dosn`t send the password by mail, you will have to manually notify the recipient of the password
  • Generate Password: When this option is enabled, a password will be created automatically for a new share
  • Shared Until: The Share will be available for this number of days by default
  • Delete expired Shares: if enabled, expired shares will be deleted from the owncloud server
  • Mail Language: A pre-written text is inserted into the email in the selected language (also used for the password mail)
  • Send all attachments as link: If enabled any attachment will be uploaded automatically on send

Template Settings

You can adjust all Templates that are used when sending a mail. A preview will be generated to show how the placeholders are used.


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