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Initial Setup

  • Open Setting


  • Click on "Change
  • Enter the address of your ownCloud/epiKshare Server
  • Check "Use proxy" if you use a proxy 
  • Check "Trust invalid SSL Certificate" if you use a self signed certificate
  • Click "Next


  • Choose your Authentication
  • Click "Next


  • Enter your User Name and your Password
  • Click "Done"
  • After the message "Connection Successful" click "Cancel" and restart your Outlook



If you use a proxy with username and password, select Proxy -> Custom

  • After a successful connection test, your license is being verified and if it fails you will be sent to the License Dialog
  • To install a valid license or activate a demo license click OK

License Setup

  • Insert a valid license key or activate a "Demo Key" 


  • Request your free 30Days Trial License
  • Click "Get Trial License"


I am receiving the Message "Connection Failed"

This means that we cannot connect to the cloud server.

  • Check your internet connection (try connecting to the cloud server using your web browser)
  • Test your credentials
  • Make sure you entered the correct proxy settings

  • When the initial connection was successful you should see the green message "Connection Successful"
  • Restart your Microsoft Outlook

Share Settings


  • Use Password for shared file/Folder
    • Send password via separate email: When you share a file or folder, a separate E-Mail with a Password will be created in the background and sent automatically after creation
    • Send password with email:This option will send the file or folders passwort within the same email
    • Send password to sender: Send the password to the sender (=you)
    • Send password to sender and recipient: Creates 2 E-Mails containing the password. One for the sender (=you) and the recipient
    • No automatic Password sending: This Option use a password, but it dosn`t send the password by mail, you will have to manually notify the recipient of the password
  • Generate Password: When this option is enabled, a password will be created automatically for a new share
  • Shared Until: The Share will be available for this number of days by default
  • Delete expired Shares: if enabled, expired shares will be deleted from the owncloud server
  • Mail Language: A pre-written text is inserted into the email in the selected language (also used for the password mail)
  • Send all attachments as link: If enabled any attachment will be uploaded automatically on send

Template Settings

You can adjust all Templates that are used when sending a mail. A preview will be generated to show how the placeholders are used.

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