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If you want to share a new file, simple create a new email (In case you use Microsoft Office 2013/2016 pop-out the Message window), add the recipient and subject and then choose your share options:

Send a Local File as a Link via Email

  • Select "Link to file":
  • Select the file in the file dialog (you can select multiple files as well)

    If you select a folder, ALL files within it and within the subfolders will be shared

  • Adjust or accept the sharing options
  • Click Done

  • Your email will then get a templated text that will be sent to the recipient.
  •  The created email includes:
    • a placeholder for file(s) name(s)
    • a placeholder for the link to the shared file(s)
    • How long the share is available
    • The password to access the link

 Now you can add files by drag and drop for sharing via epiKshare/ownCloud

  • Now you can send the email
  • The shared file will be uploaded in variable chunk sizes

After uploading, the System complete the mail and send them.


Share A Remote File From the Cloud

The Outlook Add-In allows you to select a file or folder that is on the cloud server to share directly - without the need to upload it first.

  • Open a new email
  • Select "Share Remote File/Folder"
  • The Outlook Add-In will browse via WebDav on your Server

  • Select the file/folder and accept with Ok

  • Adjust or accept the sharing options
  • Click Done

  • The created email includes:
    • Link to the shared file/folder
    • How long the share is available
    • The password to access the link
  • Now you can send the email

You can send multiple remote-links and even mix with local files with one email, the text will be appended.

Allow the Recipient to Upload Files For You

In case you dont want to send someone else a file, but rather have them provide files for you, you can use the FileDrop feature. This will create a share, where the recipient can upload files to. This can also be End-To-End Encrypted!

  • Open a new email, best already enter a subject
  • Select "FileDrop
  • Adjust the share settings:

    The Share Name corresponds to the folder that will be created on the Server. It is automatically generated by the subject of the e-mail

  • Click Done.


Note that the folder will automatically be added to your "Watched Folders" and you will get a notification if a new file is uploaded there!

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